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Visit us at MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

SELECOM and LAMBDA ANTENAS have entered a cooperation in the field of inhouse radio coverage solutions in Spain, Portugal and South America.

KAPSCH CARRIERCOM AG chooses SELECOM GSM-R Repeaters to integrate them into their turnkey systems.

SELECOM and TIMCOM have entered a cooperation in the field of inhouse radio coverage solutions in Croatia, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

SELECOM and RADIOPARTNERS have entered a cooperation in the field of inhouse radio coverage solutions in the Polish market.

SELECOM and BESCom have entered a cooperation in the field of inhouse radio coverage solutions in the German market.

SELECOM has a new official partner in the United Arab Emirates. The company ACTIVE COMMUNICATION TRADING will distribute our solutions in this area of the world where demands for our products are growing.





OMC - Operation and Maintenance Center - Operation and Monitoring Center

NMS - Network and Management System - Network and Management Station

2G Repeater - 3G Repeater - 4G Repeater

GSM Repeater - DCS Repeater - GPRS Repeater - UMTS Repeater - LTE Repeater

GSM Micro Repeater - DCS Micro Repeater - GPRS Micro Repeater - UMTS Micro Repeater - LTE Micro Repeater

GSM Pico Repeater - DCS Pico Repeater - GPRS Pico Repeater - UMTS Pico Repeater - LTE Pico Repeater

GSM 900 Repeater - GSM 1800 Repeater - GSM 2100 Repeater - LTE 800 Repeater - LTE 2600 Repeater

UMTS 900 Repeater - UMTS 1800 Repeater - UMTS 2100 Repeater

GSM/UMTS Repeater Biband

Indoor GSM Repeater - Indoor DCS Repeater - Indoor GPRS Repeater - Indoor UMTS Repeater - Indoor LTE Repeater

GSM Repeater RF/RF - DCS Repeater RF/RF - GPRS Repeater RF/RF - UMTS Repeater RF/RF - LTE Repeater RF/RF

GSM Repeater RF/OF - DCS Repeater RF/OF - GPRS Repeater RF/OF - UMTS Repeater RF/OF - LTE Repeater RF/OF

GSM Repeater Optical Fiber - DCS Repeater Optical Fiber - GPRS Repeater Optical Fiber - UMTS Repeater Optical Fiber - LTE Repeater Optical Fiber

GSM Repeater for tunnels - DCS Repeater for tunnels - GPRS Repeater for tunnels - UMTS Repeater for tunnels

TETRA Repeater - TETRAPOL Repeater - PMR Repeater - DMR Repeater - PAMR Repeater - LMR Repeater

TETRA Micro Repeater - TETRAPOL Micro Repeater - PMR Micro Repeater - DMR Micro Repeater - PAMR Micro Repeater - LMR Micro Repeater

TETRA Pico Repeater - TETRAPOL Pico Repeater - PMR Pico Repeater - DMR Pico Repeater - PAMR Pico Repeater - LMR Pico Repeater

ASTRID Repeater - POLYCOM Repeater - TETRON Repeater - BDBOS Repeater - VIRVE Repeater - ESTER Repeater

GSM-R Repeaters - GSMR Repeaters - GSM-Rail Repeaters - GSM-Railway Repeaters

Gapfiller DVB-T - Gapfiller DVB-T2 - Gapfiller DVB-H - Gapfiller DVB-SH - Gapfiller ISDB-T - Gapfiller TV - Gapfiller Digital TV - Gapfiller Mobile TV

Repeater DVB-T - Repeater DVB-T2 - Repeater DVB-H - Repeater DVB-SH - Repeater ISDB-T - Repeater TV - Repeater Digital TV - Repeater Mobile TV

Transmitter DVB-T - Transmitter DVB-T2 - Transmitter DVB-H - Transmitter ISDB-T - Transmitter TV - Transmitter Digital TV - Transmitter Mobile TV

TV villages - TV mountains - TV tunnels

DVB-T Filter - DVB-T2 Filter - DVB-H Filter - ISDB-T Filter - TV Filter - Digital TV Filter - Mobile TV Filter

FM Filter - DAB Filter - DAB+ Filter - T-DMB Filter - Digital Radio Filter

DVB-T Multiplexer - DVB-T2 Multiplexer - DVB-H Multiplexer - ISDB-T Multiplexer - TV Multiplexer - Digital TV Multiplexer - Mobile TV Multiplexer

FM Multiplexer - DAB Multiplexer - DAB+ Multiplexer - T-DMB Multiplexer - Digital Radio Multiplexer

DVB-T Combiner - DVB-T2 Combiner - DVB-H Combiner - ISDB-T Combiner - TV Combiner - Digital TV Combiner - Mobile TV Combiner

FM Combiner - DAB Combiner - DAB+ Combiner - T-DMB Combiner - Digital Radio Combiner

Couplers GSM - Couplers UMTS - Couplers LTE

Couplers TETRA - Couplers TETRAPOL - Couplers INPT

Antennas GSM - Antennas UMTS - Antennas LTE

Antennas TETRA - Antennas TETRAPOL - Antennas INPT

Pressurizater SELECOM - Dehydrator SELECOM - Deshydrator SELECOM

Pressurizater SOFRER - Dehydrator SOFRER - Deshydrator SOFRER

Installation TETRA / TETRAPOL Repeaters for bulding

Installation TETRA / TETRAPOL Repeaters for tunnel

Installation TETRON Repeaters for bulding

Installation TETRON Repeaters for tunnel

Installation ASTRID Repeaters for bulding

Installation ASTRID Repeaters for tunnel

Installation ESTER Repeaters for bulding

Installation ESTER Repeaters for tunnel

Installation VIRVE Repeaters for bulding

Installation VIRVE Repeaters for tunnel

Installation BDBOS Repeaters for bulding

Installation BDBOS Repeaters for tunnel

Installation POLYCOM Repeaters for bulding

Installation POLYCOM Repeaters for tunnel