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Radio Coverage Solutions

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L'IOT: From innovation to performance

IOT (Internet of Things) is at the forefront of the Internet to the world of things. Objects that are equipped with integrated sensors transmitting information via Internet, which allows them to interact with each other.

With more 28 billion connected objects by 2020 according to the research firm IDC, the Internet Of Things is a real digital revolution. It is a transformation that affects all areas : (professionals, public) and all business sector (health, logistic, industry....).

Manufacturers or Communities quickly understood the potential of the IOT to improve their productivity. Apart from the challenges in terms of cost optimization, competitiveness or performance, the connected objects create a new service and bring real added value in the company, that's why SELECOM has imagined for you an autonomous and economical customizable solution.

Connect'U: A perzonnalisable IOT solution

The Internet Of Thing can meet very different needs and uses depending on your business sector.
Modular, customizable, Connect'U is THE solution that exactly meets the needs of any organization whatever its business sector.
A solution that allows to:
  • Connect the data: Connected objects have their own sensors but they can be connected with other sensors as needed.
  • Centralize the data: Like a WI-FI router, the Gateway allows to create an access point for data.
  • Data feedback: The objects are supervised via a computer platform (virtualizable server hosted by internal or external IT departments).
  • Data Reporting: Develop made-to-measure Web interface to view and configure objects remotely.

What are the benefits ?

There are many benefits by using IOT technology. We  particularly remember:

Communication: Connected objects are able  to communicate information automacally and regularly on their operating status. Information that today requires manual records at regular intervals.   

Monitoring and management: Connected objects can communicate  about their current state, It is then possible to remotely control them for example to adjust a parameter, switch off or switch on a remote device, unlock a door... Once programmed, a connected object can also send an alarm when it detects an anomaly or a malfunction, and provide and automatic answer to the problem when it's possible.

Cost reduction: One of the immediate benefits of the connected object is the reduction of costs. Connected objects will provide accurate data. Data that anticipates maintenance operation and minimizes the risk of failure and their possible consequences.


On which networks?

In the IOT, each type of use has its network. Choosing an Internet of Things network depends on several criteria:


  • What is the type of content to send? simple information, video ...
  • What is the frequency of data transmission? several times a day or only in case of an alert ...
  • What is the environment of the connected object? place difficult to access for radio waves or outside ...


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