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Radio Coverage Solutions

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SELECOM is one of the major manufacturer of electronic equipment fixed or embedded for use in confined and harsh environment markets for mobile radio, critical communications, and broadcasting. In addition, SELECOM offers engineering services, installation and support.

SELECOM is a major player for supply of : 

  • Repeaters and Distribution Antenna Systems for
    • Public infrastructure : airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, convention centers, hospitals, etc ...
    • All the toughest buildings and more constrained places where critical communications are an absolute necessity : offshore wind platforms, tankers and LNG tankers, railway tunnels, road tunnels, mines, metros, etc... 
    • Sectors of Transport, Rail, Oil, Gas, Marine, Civil Security equipment
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, UMTS, LTE Repeaters and DAS (Distribution Antenna System)
  • TETRA, TETRAPOL, PMR, DMR 400 MHz Repeaters and DAS (Distribution Antenna System)
  • In-Building coverage, In-Tunnel coverage
  • Indoor coverage simulation, Outdoor coverage simulation

All ranges are available :

  • Pico-repeaters
  • Micro-repeaters
  • Medium power repeaters
  • High power repeaters

Indoor coverage 2G, Indoor coverage GSM, Indoor coverage 3G, Indoor coverage UMTS, Indoor coverage 4G, Indoor coverage LTE, Indoor coverage TETRA, Indoor coverage TETRAPOL, Indoor coverage PMR 400MHz, Indoor coverage DMR 400MHz

In-building coverage 2G, In-building coverage GSM, In-building coverage 3G, In-building coverage UMTS, In-building coverage 4G, In-building coverage LTE, In-building coverage TETRA, In-building coverage TETRAPOL, In-building coverage PMR 400MHz, In-building coverage DMR 400MHz

To achieve this, SELECOM will rely on a network of distributors, developers, and integrators in their fields, and for global coverage.

GSM Repeater, UMTS Repeater, LTE Repeater, LTE MIMO Repeater, DCS Repeater, 2G Repeater, 3G Repeater, 4G Repeater, 4G MIMO Repeater.

GSM Micro-Repeater, UMTS Micro-Repeater, LTE Micro-Repeater, LTE MIMO Micro-Repeater, DCS Micro-Repeater, 2G Micro-Repeater, 3G Micro-Repeater, 4G Micro-Repeater, 4G MIMO Micro-Repeater.

GSM Pico-Repeater, UMTS Pico-Repeater, LTE Micro-Repeater, LTE MIMO Micro-Repeater, DCS Pico-Repeater, 2G Pico-Repeater, 3G Pico-Repeater, 4G Pico-Repeater, 4G MIMO Pico-Repeater.

800 MHz Repeater, 800 MHz MIMO Repeater, 900 MHz Repeater, 1800 MHz Repeater, 1800 MHz MIMO Repeater, 2100 MHz Repeater, 2600 MHz Repeater, 2600 MHz MIMO Repeater.

800 MHz Micro-Repeater, 800 MHz MIMO Micro-Repeater, 900 MHz Micro-Repeater, 1800 MHz Micro-Repeater, 1800 MHz MIMO Micro-Repeater, 2100 MHz Micro-Repeater, 2600 MHz Micro-Repeater, 2600 MHz MIMO Micro-Repeater.

800 MHz Pico-Repeater, 800 MHz MIMO Pico-Repeater, 900 MHz Pico-Repeater, 1800 MHz Pico-Repeater, 1800 MHz MIMO Pico-Repeater, 2100 MHz Pico-Repeater, 2600 MHz Pico-Repeater, 2600 MHz MIMO Pico-Repeater.

TETRA Repeater, TETRAPOL Repeater, INPT Repeater, TETRON Repeater, ASTRID Repeater, POLYCOM Repeater, BDBOS Repeater, VIRVE Repeater, RAKEL Repeater, NØDNETT Repeater, ESTER Repeater, SIRESP Repeater, PMR Repeater, DMR Repeater, UHF Marine Repeater.

GSM-R Repeater, GSM-R Micro-Repeater GSM-R, GSM-R Pico-Repeater.

  • Radio Coverage Public Safety TETRA, TETRAPOL
  • Radio Coverage Railway TETRA, GSM-R, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Radio Coverage Off-Shore TETRA, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Radio Coverage Metros Tunnels TETRA, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Radio Coverage In-Building 2G, 3G, 4G, TETRA
  • Radio Coverage Off-Shore, Oil & Gas TETRA, GSM
  • Radio Coverage Isolated Areas 2G, 3G, 4G, DTV
  • Pressurizer Dehydrator Satcom Telecom
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Mobile Communications 2G, 3G, 4G

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