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Radio Coverage Solutions

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Metro and Tunnels Radio Coverage

Indoor coverage 2G, Indoor coverage GSM, Indoor coverage 3G, Indoor coverage UMTS, Indoor coverage 4G, Indoor coverage LTE, Indoor coverage TETRA, Indoor coverage TETRAPOL, Indoor coverage PMR 400MHz, Indoor coverage DMR 400MHz

In-tunnel coverage 2G, In-tunnel coverage GSM, In-tunnel coverage 3G, In-tunnel coverage UMTS, In-tunnel coverage 4G, In-tunnel coverage LTE, In-tunnel coverage TETRA, In-tunnel coverage TETRAPOL, In-tunnel coverage PMR 400MHz, In-tunnel coverage DMR 400MHz

Metro coverage 2G, Metro coverage GSM, Metro coverage 3G, Metro coverage UMTS, Metro coverage 4G, Metro coverage LTE, Metro coverage TETRA, Metro coverage TETRAPOL, Metro coverage PMR 400MHz, Metro coverage DMR 400MHz

Subway coverage 2G, Subway coverage GSM, Subway coverage 3G, Subway coverage UMTS, Subway coverage 4G, Subway coverage LTE, Subway coverage TETRA, Subway coverage TETRAPOL, Subway coverage PMR 400MHz, Subway coverage DMR 400MHz

Metro and Tunnel Radio Coverage TETRA TETRAPOL GSM UMTS LTE 2G 3G 4G
The penetration of GSM / UMTS / LTE and TETRA / TETRAPOL signals in tunnels is impossible without radio relay system. 
This is problematic in two cases: 
  • Security problem: the Emergency Services can not use their radio means for the private network security is no longer available
  • Network quality problem: customers mobile operators have no continuity.

Radio Coverage Solution in road and rail tunnels

To allow: 
  • Tunnel users to use their mobile phone or tablet
  • Tunnel operators to communicate among themselves and with the outside
  • Emergency Services (Fire Department, Police, Police, EMS) to use their own means of communication 
SELECOM offers radio relay systems mutli-standard to allow coverage inside tunnels. 

Simple off-air repeater (DAS Anntenna Distribution System) optics, diffusion by antennas or radiating cable, the range is to offer complete engineering suitable for all lengths of tunnels.

  Tunnel Radio Coverage TETRA TETRAPOL GSM UMTS LTE 2G 3G 4G


Products proposed on this solution:

2G / 3G / 4G

Your communications on mobile networks
Repeaters, Micro-Repeaters:
RF or optical / mono or Multiband / mono or multi-operator
 DataSheet PDF (4336 Kb)

Optirep multibands system (fiber optic distribution) 2G/3G/4G/GSM/UMTS/LTE
- Fiber optic distribution
- 700/800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
- Full Digital Technology
- Multi-operator & Multi-Standards
- Unlimited coverage areas
 DataSheet PDF (502 Kb)

RF-RF Repeater 700/800/900/1800/2100/2600 GSM/UMTS/LTE
- High Power
- Single Band
- Band Selective
- Digital Smart Filter & Advanced Insulation
- Outdoor IP65 cabinet
- HTTP, SNMP Monitoring
 DataSheet PDF (491 Kb)


Electrical box pre-equipped
- brings together in one place all the electrical circuits and their protection.
- Allows a stabilized power supply for a use requiring a stabilized direct voltage 24 V rescued by batteries
- Installation and commissioning quick and easy service.
 DataSheet PDF (464 Kb)


Cloud-Monitoring VisiOmc™

VISIOMC™ : NMS & OMC for MonitoringVISIOMC™ : NMS & OMC for Monitoring
- Cockpit of GSM, TETRA, Digital TV operators
- Central remote monitoring
- Monitoring server with friendly web interface
- Reachable from anywhere in the world on laptop and smart phone
- Status, reports and statistics edition
- Alerts by email, SMS
- Up to 1 year of log events
 DataSheet PDF (799 Kb)



CRITICAL COMMS 2022 catalogCRITICAL COMMS 2022 catalog
Your communications on critical networks
Repeaters, Micro-Repeaters:
RF or optical / mono or Multiband / mono or multi-operator
 DataSheet PDF (4547 Kb)

RF/RF Tetra Band selective repeater
- Output power: 17, 24, 36 dBm
- Digital filtering
- Splitter & Boosters associated to antennas
- Wall or mast mounting
- Indoor or Outdoor box (very compact)
- IP remotely Monitoring 2G 3G 4G
 DataSheet PDF (412 Kb)

DigiSeL TETRA/TETRAPOL/Public SafetyDigiSeL TETRA/TETRAPOL/Public Safety
Digital Selective Channel Repeater
- Output power 17, 24, 36 dBm
- Digital Channel Repeater (12.5 Khz)
- Antenna and radiating cable compliant
- Wall or-mast mounting
- Outdoor or indoor box
- Monitoring option
 DataSheet PDF (371 Kb)

Micro-Repeater RF-RF TETRA / TETRAPOL 400Micro-Repeater RF-RF TETRA / TETRAPOL 400
- TETRA / TETRAPOL coverage enhancement
- Safety networks
- Small areas
- Autonomous equipment
- Up to +10dBm output power
- Plug & Play
- Gain Limiter
- Wall-mounting
 DataSheet PDF (297 Kb)

Optirep™ System TETRA / TETRAPOL 400 Optirep™ System TETRA / TETRAPOL 400
- TETRA / TETRAPOL coverage enhancement
- Railway, road and waterway tunnels
- Buildings, mountain
- Up to 16 optical outputs(Power: +17, +24, +36 dBm)
- Off-air or TBS reception
- RF Emergency access
- Star and daisy-chain configuration
- IP Monitoring by GPRS
- OMC VisiOmc™
The system includes the optical master and remote repeaters.
 DataSheet PDF (908 Kb)