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Social Ethics


SELECOM, stemming from a complex history and rich in unforeseen developments, continues and progresses in inescapable globalization. Our company is based on real values: humanity, respect and integrity. These values, added to our strategy on the long term are in our culture and represent the pillars of this Ethical Policy. 

Business relationship:

All the collaborators of SELECOM, under my impulse, take care to maintain these relations in the respect for the ethical rules, the legislations and the regulations in force and in a fair and loyal way to our Customers, Suppliers, Bodies and Administrations.

With a strong culture in the improvement of the performance, the reactivity and the honesty, we focus on the satisfaction of the Clientele by providing the best service and the know-how. More generally, we work at the sustainability of the relations, every taken together actors. SELECOM is strongly commited in this sense, it invests and gets organized to follow this straight and narrow. Concerning the commercial relation with the suppliers, SELECOM makes sure that the respect for these same fundamental, legislative and statutory principles, in particular regarding human rights, are applied. Moreover, the commitments are freely taken between the parts, in the transparencyand with a spirit of just balance. SELECOM has to accompany its Partners on this way, to monitor any drift and, consequently, to punish the lesser breach.

Social Policy:

A legal person responsible Selecom enforces the strictest labor laws, health and safety of its staff in the public and the country where he officiates as, again, very attached to give it the best work possible.

In terms of human rights, Selecom by the rules and principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the Global Compact, with special attention for the abolition of all forms of forced labor and child labor as defined by that International Labor Organization.

Similarly, with respect for freedom of opinion, expression and thought, Selecom accepts and encourages free and open communication among his staff for all issues that concern them, including through any agency or association chosen by them in the existing legislative framework, without any discrimination.
In another context, that of equal opportunities, with a culture of tolerance and diversity, fair treatment Selecom hear his colleagues a few conditions of age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality and skin color, ethnic origin or religious belief and any disability in full respect for the dignity and privacy of everyone, this line of thoughts and actions are applicable in the relationship between employees.

Selecom completely reproves any abusive behavior, whether physical, verbal, psychological, particularly in terms of harassment that violates the rights and dignity of everyone, whether in the hierarchical relationship between employees or simply.

Concerning Skills and evolution, Selecom rigorously selects its recruitment and provides to the employees internal or external relevant trainings in order to enhance its functions and allowing to evolve better. Selecom, aware of its responsibilities, monitors the employability of its employees, investing in the best for their professional development by encouraging balance "Privacy / Professional Life."


Security, Quality and Sustainable Development:

SELECOM, through its business ethics supports a strong policy regarding safety, beyond the requirements for its staff and its goods.

The customer satisfaction being a priority, with the rigorous conduct of the commitments of each, our quality policy is followed, progressive and well documented. Our products and our functioning take into account the environmental approach in order to integrate the Sustainable development of the world and the civilization. 

This overall policy is translated by information, a support and a formal follow-up of all the suppliers in order to make sure of the respect for these rules. Our contractual relations with these partners are framed by general conditions of purchase, well known and signed by the parts.

Our suppliers have to be informed about our requirements, wheter it is in social material, the environment or new European Directives DEEE and ROHS. A permanent action is led in intern and extern, to foster any measures and intiatives with the aim of energy savings and more generally with the aim of nature conservation to protect our planet.



The SELECOM's General Management, in respect for the best business, for the rules and the applicable legislations, makes sure things are running smoothly of its organism. It is attentive to the most just measures of information of its social partners, collaborators, department heads, shareholders and external relations.

Searching for efficiency in this world in movement, the governance evolves appreciably by strenghtening the narrowness of the cooperation and the personal involvment in the confidence. The governance assumes its moral responsability, flaunt its commitment with a model of behavior and so arounses the desire to work together, completely concerned and cheerful to build the success. 

   Prades, the 30th June 2016