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Quality Policy

Certification ISO 9001 : 2015

The Quality Policy is a priority for SELECOM and is a performance index.

ISO9001 certification achieved in 2015 is the recognition of a real awareness and group work in this direction.

Beyond this priority included in the term, it is a commitment to continuous development of the System of Quality Management to improve the benefits on the performance of the company and also to monitor changes in the context of standardization, guidelines, recommendations and regulations.

The main focus of our Quality Policy are:

  • Listen and Customer Satisfaction,
  • Performance optimization,
  • Profitability improvement,
  • Continuous Improvement System Quality Management



Quality Management

System of Quality Management of SELECOM is controlled by a Quality Manager directly under the responsibility of the CEO.

The means are in place:

  • Adaptive management system for large series production by the introduction of an ERP (Baan)
  • Systematic development of industrial methods of production (resources, documentation, ...)
  • Development of control lines to detect faults earlier than "doing good from the first shot"
  • Selection of subcontractors / partners after audit capability (processes and controls) for production in accordance with the internal Procedure for the Evaluation of Subcontractors.
  • Monitoring performance (delays, anomalies)
  • Code of ethics and social computing

European Certifications and Other Certifications

Before the commercial release, all SELECOM products are exhaustively tested by internal and external laboratories, in order to ensure their full compliance with the standards.

All products are consistently in line with European standards. On request, or for specific markets, other standard equipment can be adapted.

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Environnemental Policy

RoHs Conformity

We started the process in 2005 with the formation of a working group to develop and implement actions to provide compliant products from 1st July 2006. Labeled "RoHS compliant" is displayed on all our products.

WEEE Conformity

As a professional producer of WEEE:
  • The tonnage of all our products on the market is reported semi-annually to the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency),
  • Sheets of writing end of life for our products,
  • We affix the logo of the dustbin of all materials,
  • We get the equipment end of life so that it is upgraded.

Process of ISO14001 certification

An ISO14001 certification process is established with the objective 2014. It is controlled by the Quality Manager.
SELECOM is not a classified installation and is not affected by the regulation of BPI.
Our concern for environmental protection is present for many years.
All basic actions that all staff are able to follow have been grouped in a note on the environmental available on our network.
Essentially, this paper encourages staff to:
  • Reduce paper consumption by limiting the impressions, favoring both sides, limiting the fax,
  • Sort clean paper and place in bins provided for this purpose,
  • Sort the wastes in separate containers and bins (household waste, cardboard, aluminum, copper, brass, cables, circuit boards, batteries, ink, toner ...)
  • Limit consumption of energy (electricity, fuel, gas) and water,
  • Optimize the packaging,
  • Encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly products