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Radio Coverage Solutions

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DTV Gapfiller

Gapfiller DVB-T / DVB-T2 / ISDB-T

Since 1995, SELECOM is one of the most innovative players in the field of TV repeaters. From analog TV, SELECOM has always anticipated the evolution of increasingly rapid technology scanning. Thus SELECOM offers its customers Digital TV Repeater with DVB-T, DVB-T2 and ISDB-T standards, equipped with the latest echo cancellation technology for integration in SFN (Single Frequency Network).

SELECOM offers complete and integrated solutions to operators and local authorities, as part of deployment, coverage of shadow areas, or more specifically coverage of confined areas such as tunnels :

  • All-in-One Outdoor Gapfiller Stations for Digital TV
  • Single On-channel repeater from 100mW to 10W
  • Multi-channel repeaters from 100mW to 10W per channel
  • DTV sites gapfillers Indoor and Outdoor
  • Turnkey sites

Digital Television Gapfiller with Echo Canceller

The gapfillers SELECOM are equipped with the latest digital technologies, including Echo-Cancellation.
Digital TV networks are generally planned SFN (Single Frequency Network). This means that the repeater (or Gapfiller) should retransmit on the transmission antenna the same signal at the same frequency as the signal received at the receiving antenna. From a physical point of view, the Larsen effect (that of a microphone near a speaker) is inevitable, except if you have excellent isolation between antennas.
For not doing installation costs explode for a good isolation between the transmitting and receiving antennas, the solution is a digital echo cancellation based on a software solution.

The echo canceller enables SELECOM retransmit a signal such that the level of 15 dB higher echo is received at the receiving antenna.

  SELECOM Gapfiller Echo Canceller


DVB-T/-H/-T2 & ISDB-T Gapfillers DVB-T/-H/-T2 & ISDB-T Gapfillers
- All-in-One Outdoor Stations 1W-10W
- Indoor Range 1W-10W for broadcasters
- Echo canceller -15 dBc
- Automatic digital precorrection
- HTTP, SNMP server
- Channel Filter included
- Remote control by GPRS
 DataSheet PDF (719 Kb)