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Radio Coverage Solutions

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Positioning, Strategy and Values

Positioning, Strategy and Values


SELECOM is a manufacturer of electronic equipment fixed or embedded for use in confined and harsh environment markets for mobile radio, critical communications, and broadcasting. In addition, SELECOM offers engineering services, installation and support.



SELECOM wants to become a major player in the supply: 
  • On the radio relay equipment in serving the public (airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, convention centers, hospitals, etc ...) and all the toughest places buildings and more constrained where critical communications an absolute necessity (offshore wind platforms, tankers and LNG tankers, railway tunnels, mines, etc ...). 
  • To develop new and innovative for these sectors Transport, Rail, Oil, Gas, Marine, Civil Security equipment.

To achieve this, SELECOM will rely on a network of distributors, developers, and integrators in their fields, and for global coverage.


SELECOM wishes to promote its values​​: 
  • Innovation for its customers 
  • Quality products and services 
  • Personalized and responsive customer service 
  • Dynamism in action 
  • Blooming in globalization 
  • Social and environmental responsibility.