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Radio Coverage Solutions

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Railway Radio Coverage

The rail industry has a very strong development in the world. Despite the importance of the initial investment, the benefits are huge: 
  • Traffic flow in large urban areas
  • Greater speed inter-city communications
  • Efficient transport of goods
  • Environmental impact with a more favorable road transport carbon footprint 
In recent years, to make it more efficient rail transport, technological innovations using new telecommunication means are deployed before being completely generalized both new lines on existing lines. 

SELECOM offers solutions that enable radio relay to succeed and complete deployment of the following technologies:

  • ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is a European initiative aimed at harmonizing European rail signaling. It is composed of :
    • ETCS (European Train Control System) which is used to manage rail traffic.
    • The GSM-R standard for communication between trains and operating the rail network stations.
  • Mobile Communication aboard trains (On-board coverage) for transport users to continue using their mobility tools professional or personal (Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, etc ...).
  • Radio Networks with Trunked Resources TETRA railway agents for better communication stations in the technical centers, when maneuvering, the Ground-Train radio.



The GSM-R coverage

ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is a European initiative aimed at harmonizing European rail signaling. It is composed of :
  • ETCS (European Train Control System) which is used to manage rail traffic.
  • The GSM-R standard for communication between trains and operating the rail network stations.

Mobile phone onboard

Whether for professional applications that require constant connectivity, or for personal use, transport users are asking to continue using their mobile devices (Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, etc ...) even at high speed. 
Inside the trains, especially in high-speed trains, the use of mobile phones and devices is extremely limited. The quality of service is actually very poor for several reasons: 
The metal frame of the car, shielding and tinting significantly attenuate the signal from the BTS, which creates a weak field at very low inside the train (effect "Farraday Cage"). 

Given the speed of the train, jumping BTS (handover) are very common. Amplified by the low field breaks BTS are often failures, causing frequent breaks during communications.

  TETRA GSM-R GSM UMTS LTE On-board Coverage
SELECOM proposes 2 types of solutions :

Onboard Repeaters


Long Cell

The principle: 
  • A specific antenna is installed on the roof of the train wagon or the signal for sensing the 2G, 3G, 4G from BTS along the railroad. 
  • A specific repeater board treats this signal before distribute in the train or in the car through antennas or radiating cable.
The principle: 
  • From a BTS, up to 7 repeaters are associated with optical fiber 
  • With an intelligent synchronization repeaters, long cell 40 km long is created. 
  • The transponders are placed closer to the track to fully optimize the field within the trains.
TETRA GSM-R GSM UMTS LTE On-board Coverage   Long Cell TETRA GSM-R GSM900 LTE800 Synoptic

Railway TETRA GSM-R Coverage

Trunked Radio Networks TETRA

Critical communications needs in the rail sector continues to grow: 
  • Operation Assistance and Information Traveller System
  • Ground-Train network
  • Voice and Data Communication at the docks, during maneuvering, for security patrols, etc ... 
To ensure greater reliability of these communications, TETRA has naturally imposed by its capabilities (shared mode, fast response, a success rate of linking). 
To enable communication continuity everywhere (train stations, subways, corridors, technical centers, etc ...), relayed a system may be required in addition to the base stations. 

SELECOM offers a wide range of RF and optical solutions for all types of infrastructure and to cover all types of terrain.



Products proposed on this solution:

2G / 3G / 4G

RF-RF Repeater 700/800/900/1800/2100/2600 GSM/UMTS/LTE
- High Power
- Single Band
- Band Selective
- Digital Smart Filter & Advanced Insulation
- Outdoor IP65 cabinet
- HTTP, SNMP Monitoring
 DataSheet PDF (491 Kb)

Multi-Band Multi-Standard Multi-Operators 2G/3G/4G Repeater
- Up to 12 sub-bands per frequency
- Plug & Play
- Dynamic Automatic Gain Control
- Automatic Refarming
- Echo-Canceller (3G/4G)
- Local and remote access (2G/3G/4G modem)
 DataSheet PDF (737 Kb)


Electrical box pre-equipped
- brings together in one place all the electrical circuits and their protection.
- Allows a stabilized power supply for a use requiring a stabilized direct voltage 24 V rescued by batteries
- Installation and commissioning quick and easy service.
 DataSheet PDF (464 Kb)



GSM-R Mobile Station Protection Passive FilterGSM-R Mobile Station Protection Passive Filter
- Protection against GSM & UMTS interferences
- Reliability enhancement of ERTMS network
- Low insertion loss
- Compact and lightweight
- In-train usable
- Adaptable in existing installation
 DataSheet PDF (352 Kb)


Cloud-Monitoring VisiOmc™

VISIOMC™ : NMS & OMC for MonitoringVISIOMC™ : NMS & OMC for Monitoring
- Cockpit of GSM, TETRA, Digital TV operators
- Central remote monitoring
- Monitoring server with friendly web interface
- Reachable from anywhere in the world on laptop and smart phone
- Status, reports and statistics edition
- Alerts by email, SMS
- Up to 1 year of log events
 DataSheet PDF (799 Kb)



Micro-Repeater RF-RF TETRA / TETRAPOL 400Micro-Repeater RF-RF TETRA / TETRAPOL 400
- TETRA / TETRAPOL coverage enhancement
- Safety networks
- Small areas
- Autonomous equipment
- Up to +10dBm output power
- Plug & Play
- Gain Limiter
- Wall-mounting
 DataSheet PDF (297 Kb)

Optirep™ System TETRA / TETRAPOL 400 Optirep™ System TETRA / TETRAPOL 400
- TETRA / TETRAPOL coverage enhancement
- Railway, road and waterway tunnels
- Buildings, mountain
- Up to 16 optical outputs(Power: +17, +24, +36 dBm)
- Off-air or TBS reception
- RF Emergency access
- Star and daisy-chain configuration
- IP Monitoring by GPRS
- OMC VisiOmc™
The system includes the optical master and remote repeaters.
 DataSheet PDF (908 Kb)

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