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Radio Coverage Solutions

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GSM-R Repeater

GSM-R Repeater, GSM-R Micro-Repeater GSM-R, GSM-R Pico-Repeater.

GSM-R Repeater
Since 1995, SELECOM is one of the most innovative players in the field of Radio communications repeaters. 
Building on the success of its range of mobile repeaters in GSM / UMTS standards, SELECOM offers a range of Repeaters GSM-R. 
These repeaters are intended to equip the railway tracks to expand coverage in areas not or hardly covered by base stations such as tunnels, trenches, stations, service corridors, etc ... 
ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), is a European initiative aimed at harmonizing European rail signaling. It is composed of: 
  • ETCS (European Train Control System), which is used to manage rail traffic. 
  • The GSM-R standard for communication between trains and operating the rail network stations.
GSM-R Mobile Station Protection Passive FilterGSM-R Mobile Station Protection Passive Filter
- Protection against GSM & UMTS interferences
- Reliability enhancement of ERTMS network
- Low insertion loss
- Compact and lightweight
- In-train usable
- Adaptable in existing installation
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