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TETRA Coverage Railway Tunnels SNCF

Date: 15/09/2013


A robust and reliable communication system is an absolute necessity in railway tunnels for public safety networks and private networks users.

To avoid further disasters like the Mont Blanc tunnel, Europe has decided to generalize including TETRA Public Safety coverage networks for tunnels more than 2 km length.

In this context, SNCF (French Railways) has chosen SELECOM OPTIREP® 400 solution to cover railway tunnels, as well as all other station needs, technical centers, etc ...

Suited to rail constraints, and the tunnel environment, SELECOM will proceed over the period 2013-2016 for the deployment of 39 tunnels from 2 to 14 km.


SELECOM TETRA Optical Master Unit for Railway Tunnel SELECOM TETRA Optical Remote Unit Repeater in Railway Tunnel


Railway Tunnel with TETRA Optical Repeater

Download our case study :

CS0028 - EN - SELECOM - TETRA Coverage Railway Tunnels SNCF